Contact us by email

We do not have any litters available until 2022 .

We may ask you to complete a questionnaire this will assist us in deciding whether we are able to provide a pup given your requirements.

We may ask numerous questions and feel free to ask us anything in order to go onto our wait list we will require you to visit us this gives you also the chance to ensure you have chosen a breeder you feel confident with and also to meet the rest of our pack and obviously both sire and dam.

We do own other males/females on a co own basis you may see them on our facebook and instagram profiles as a breeder we have imported both males and females which we considered ideal pets and therefore have found them ideal homes with close friends or family as you can imagine a lot of time and effort has been given into our breeding programme and we may feel certainbloodlines ideal for our programme but as a breeder you have to see past the bloodlines and sometimes do what is right for the dog and this may mean rehoming.

We are grateful to all our co own friends and family for their continued support and we are glad to be able to share their journeys through our social media accounts.

We also have a you tube channel and if you decide to follow us on instagram you will see our dogs are extremely active and are out everyday having fun.

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